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Gallery of Doom.. be it fanart, cosplay pics [featuring either me or MJ] or whatever you can think of.

..also includes random literature as well.

Warning: fluff yaoi content

Random Favourites

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Where my artistic obsessions all end up. Kudos to the original artists! 8D

Currently obsessed with THIS character from Axis Powers Hetalia:

- Switzerland [Vash Zwingli]

Of course these are still there:

- America [Alfred Jones]
- Bulgaria [fandoms call him Boris]

Original character Design/s, also for Axis Powers Hetalia:

- Mexico [an OC created by various artists, but even I joined the speculation wagon: refer to my dA gallery for more info]


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Cripes. My last entry was in July?! Well, how time flies. I made one of the biggest decisions I would ever make: to switch main characters in a fandom I have not lost respect for. And apparently making the change was a good choice.

Not only was I the unique one there (since there was none of him last year) I was... told that I was more in-character for this individual. Who am I talking about?

Switzerland, of course!

It took quite a fair bit of my sanity throwing everything together but in the end it was all worth it.

Now, for the Hope...

Check out my Gallery when I'm done uploading all the pics. eAe


Hanelli Zwingli
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Cripes, I'm neutral!

Switzerland default costume progress: 100% COMPLETE
Debuted: Hetalia Day 2011, Philippines


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Webcam: When Mexico decided to troll Switzerland with the Prince Pig from Angry Birds in the Wife-Carrying Contest. Hetalia Day 2011, Philippines.

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hi there. i looked at the hetalia icon journal. and i have to point this out, but holland isnt a country. its a place in the netherlands.
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found you.
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He made me do it!
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